You are the welcome to participate in the 2nd International Battery Manufacturing Days - Webinar Series, taking place every day from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (CEST), from 21st to 25th of June 2021.

This is the 2021 edition of the International Battery Manufacturing Days – Webinar Series that we have organized for the first time in 2020 within the context of the ARTISTIC Project dealing with battery manufacturing modeling and characterization, lead by Prof. Alejandro A. Franco and funded by the European Research Council. Last year event was a great success: the Webinar Series had 650+ registrants from all over the World and excellent feedback from attendees. The recorded presentations can be found here.

Free of charge, this Webinar Series is devoted to battery scientists and engineers, stakeholders as well as to students interested in the energy field. It aims at creating a forum of discussion about the links between battery manufacturing process and electrode properties, encompassing both (physical and machine learning) modeling and experimental approaches. The agenda combines talks given by the ARTISTIC project team members and invited lectures given by recognized battery scientists from Europe and North America.​

After having introduced the online App "Data Explorer" in 2020, this year the ARTISTIC project team members will present the ARTISTIC latest works and will introduce the "Online Manufacturing Digital Twin", an online service which will allow users to launch battery electrode manufacturing simulations from Internet, to analyze and download the calculation results, among others, everything free of charge. ​​

Confirmed invited speakers include Prof. Shirley Meng (University of California San Diego), Dr. Scott Roberts (Sandia National Lab), Dr. Sam Cooper (Imperial College of London), Elixabete Ayerbe (CIDETEC Energy Storage), Dr. Donal Finegan (NREL), Prof. Martin Bazant (MIT), Prof. Sebastian Thiede (University of Twente), Prof. Paul Shearing (UCL), Prof. Arnulf Latz (DLR), Prof. Bernard Lestriez (IMN), Dr. Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens (ZSW) and Dr. Yinghui Yin (SAFT Batteries).

From the ARTISTIC project side, speakers include Prof. Alejandro A. Franco (ARTISTIC project PI, Université de Picardie Jules Verne), Dr. Alain Ngandjong, Mehdi Chouchane, Teo Lombardo, Abbos Shodiev, Jiahui Xu, Chaoyue Liu, Marc Duquesnoy, Dr. Oier Arcelus and Dr. Fernando Caro.




CEST TimeMonday 21, JuneTitle
2:00 PMProf. Alejandro A. Franco (ARTISTIC) Digital Twin for Accelerated Battery Manufacturing Optimization: Latest Progresses within the ARTISTIC Project
2:50 PMDr. Sam Cooper (Imperial College of London)Powder to power: Designing manufacturable electrode microstructures using machine learning
3:40 PMMarc Duquesnoy (ARTISTIC)Machine Learning-Based Assessment of the Impact of the Manufacturing Process on Battery Electrode Heterogeneity
4:20 PMAbbos Shodiev (ARTISTIC)Insight on electrolyte infiltration of lithium ion battery electrodes by means of a 3D lattice Boltzmann model
5:00 PMProf. Shirley Meng (UCSD)Materials Science Perspective on Scalable Manufacturing and Recycling of Solid State Electrolytes
CEST TimeTuesday 22, JuneTitle
2:00 PMDr. Alain Ngandjong (ARTISTIC)Electrode manufacturing simulations using coarse grained molecular dynamics and discrete element method
2:40 PMDr. Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens (ZSW)Manufacturing of electrodes with high areal capacity
3:30 PMJiahui Xu (ARTISTIC)Useuful tips for electrode preparation and microstructure characterization
4:10 PMProf. Sebastian Thiede (University of Twente)Digitalisation and sustainability in battery manufacturing: interdependencies and synergies
5:00 PMDr. Scott Roberts (Sandia National Lab)Mesoscale Mechanics: Simulating the Role of Stress on Electrode Electrochemical Performance
CEST TimeWednesday 23, JuneTitle
2:00 PMTeo Lombardo (ARTISTIC)Heterogeneous electrode mesostructures through physics-based modelling
2:50 PMProf. Arnulf Latz (DLR)Structure-Function-Degradation relations in Batteries: Insights from microstructure resolved simulations and theory based modeling
3:40 PMMehdi Chouchane (ARTISTIC)Free ARTISTIC Web App for battery component analysis: demonstration and applications
4:30 PMDr. Donal Finegan (NREL)Manufacturing electrode architectures for fast charging batteries
CEST TimeThursday 24, JuneTitle
2:00 PMChaoyue Liu (ARTISTIC)Electrochemistry and mechanics modeling of graphite/silicon composite electrodes
2:40 PMElixabete Ayerbe (CIDETEC Energy Storage)DEFACTO Project: Speeding up battery cell manufacturing through process modelling and simulation
3:30 PMDr. Oier Arcelus (ARTISTIC)Machine Learning based prediction of the electrolyte infiltration process in electrodes
4:10 PMDr. Yinghui Yin (SAFT Batteries)An overview of process modeling for LIB R&I: challenges and opportunities
5:00 PMProf. Martin Bazant (MIT)Learning battery physics from image data
CEST TimeFriday 25, JuneTitle
2:00 PMProf. Bernard Lestriez (IMN)Silicon-based negative electrodes ageing, a big challenge for numerical simulations
2:50 PMDr. Fernando Caro (ARTISTIC)Battery manufacturing simulations from Internet: demonstration of the newest ARTISTIC free online services
3:40 PMProf. Paul Schearing (UCL)Imaging and Modelling of Microstructure in Li Batteries
4:30 PMProf. Alejandro A. Franco (ARTISTIC)Using ARTISTIC models through Augmented Reality interfaces in battery gigafactories


We recommend you register to all the sessions (one registration needed per session). Then you will be free to attend the session you want​ once the lectures agenda will be published. Each session starts at 2:00 PM CEST and finalizes at 6:00 PM CEST every day from 21st until 25th of June, 2021.​

Discover the Objectives & Project Team

  • Computational Platform

    Linking fabrication process and electrochemistry.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Predicting the best combinations of fabrication parameters.

  • Better Batteries

    Embedding new chemistries and electrode architectures.