ERC Consolidator Grant #772873
Prof. Alejandro A. Franco

Prof. Alejandro A. Franco giving a series of invited lectures at Deakin University (July 3-13, 2023, Melbourne area, Australia)

Prof. Alejandro A. Franco is visiting by invitation Deakin University (Melbourne area, Australia) on the weeks of July 3 and July 10, 2023. In the context of this scientific visit, he is giving two invited seminars at the Applied AI Institute of Deakin University (invited by Prof. Svetha Venkatesh) and two invited seminars at the Institute for Frontier Materials (invited by Prof. Maria Forsyth). In his invited seminars Prof. Franco presents the different facets of the research work being carried out in the ARTISTIC project. The visit is also the start of exciting scientific collaborations between the Deakin University teams and Prof. Franco's team.