ERC Consolidator Grant #772873
Prof. Alejandro A. Franco


ARTISTIC is a highly innovative and multidisciplinary project devoted to improve the efficiency of the current electrode fabrication process and ensure rechargeable battery technologies with emerging chemistries achieve reliability. It has three major objectives:

  • The first objective is the development of a multiscale modelling platform that rationalizes the formulation and fabrication process of well-controlled battery electrodes design and efficient operation, and the demonstration of its reliability will be achieved by comparing to experiments on conventional material chemistries for LIBs. This needs the establishment of a workflow coupling multiple simulation techniques and artificial intelligence (machine/deep learning) algorithms, providing insights on self-organization mechanisms of material mixtures in slurries and on the relationship between the materials properties such as texture, surface chemistry and wettability, the whole fabrication process layout and the arising electrode mesostructure and electrochemical performance;

  • The second objective is to examine and improve the robustness and flexibility of the platform by applying it to new electrode chemistries chosen as test cases, with comparison to experiments;

  • The third objective consists in the development of an online, open access and integrative multiscale computational tool devoted to providing the users with an interactive quantitative evaluation of how the electrode formulation and fabrication parameters relates to the battery cell performance. Such a tool will permit the optimization of electrode designs and will support direct and reverse engineering approaches, i.e. it will allow predictions on how fabrication parameters impact the cell performance, but also recommendations on the most appropriate fabrication process (e.g. temperature to be applied in the solvent drying step) to fabricate electrodes with the desired performance targets.