ERC Consolidator Grant #772873
Prof. Alejandro A. Franco

Mehdi Chouchane & Teo Lombardo joining the ARTISTIC team for PhDs

On October 8, 2018, Mehdi Chouchane (left photo) and Teo Lombardo (right photo) are joining the ARTISTIC ERC team for PhDs on the computational modeling of the lithium ion battery electrode fabrication process and electrochemical performance. More specifically, Mehdi will work on the 3D-resolved electrochemical model of lithium ion batteries, using the electrode mesostructures predicted by Coarse Grained Molecular Dynamics (CGMD). And Teo will work on the implementation of CGMD in order to simulate slurries, the effect of solvent evaporation and the calendering steps.  In strong interaction with the project experimental activities, Mehdi and Teo will contribute at advancing the understanding of the influence of the materials properties on these important fabrication steps and the electrochemical performance.